Microscopy Do's & Don'ts




E. Pay attention to the following do's and don'ts:

1. The Do's:

a. Wash your hands before handling slides to avoid transferring finger grease to the slides.

b. To remove oil from an objective, moisten a piece of lens paper with ethyl ether and slowly draw the wet paper across the front surface of the lens.

c. To remove dirt from an eyepiece, breathe on the lens and GENTLY wipe off the condensed water with lens paper.

d. Get help if these steps do not solve your problem.

2. The Don'ts:

a. Never touch a lens with anything but lens paper.

b. Never touch a lens with dry lens paper.

c. Never rub a lens.

d. Never put oil on a dry objective, and remove it at once if an accident occurs.

e. Never wear mascara when using a microscope.



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